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1X Studios - #1 Photography & Videography Studio In The Carolina's 

1X Studios

1X Studios is a top tier creative space in Charlotte, NC. Considered a photographer's dream, 1X allows Creative's the ability to transform the space into their own reality.

Photographer All-Access, Videographer All-Access, Photographer 1 Strobe, Videographer 1 Scene options DO NOT come with a 1X photographer/videographer. 


Photographer/Videographer rentals must be paid in full at the time of booking.

 -  $40 Rescheduling Fee

Videographer's All Access ($200/Hour):

- Cyclorama Wall

- The Cage

- Tunnel w/ 3D LED floor

- Diddy Wall

- The Box

- 3-D Black Wall

- Quasar Lighting

- RGB Video Lighting

- Smoke Effects

Photographer's All Access Rental includes: ($150/Hour)

- Cyclorama Wall

- Diddy Wall

- The Box

- 3-D Black Wall

- Two (2) Godox Flash Strobes

- All Color Papers

  • Nude, yellow, orange, light blue, pale pink, green)


Please call for same day bookings!


1X Studios Rates